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What’s on St Albans is the most searched and truly local website in St Albans and is run by local people for local people. The founder of the website has lived in
St Albans & Harpenden for 38 years so certainly knows his way around.

Website stats for 1st Jan 2013 - 31st December 2013:

Page Views: 1,364,227
Visitors: 401,462

We have an email list of over 15,100 who receive our newsletter.

Google really likes us and features most of our pages on the first page.

We are not a faceless franchise with only profit in mind and we don’t charge for event listings.

We sit down with you and work out what the best way is to market your business. We like to stay in contact with you and update your page whenever you like at no extra cost. If you join the loyalty scheme you can also change your offer whenever you like.

The website has been created as a way of keeping customers shopping in St Albans and have found one of the best ways to do this is for businesses to offer discounts for customer loyalty. By joining you will be able to reach thousands of new customers and maybe some old ones who have stopped using your services.

The loyalty card has been downloaded thousands of times since we launched in August 2009 mainly from St Albans residents, but also a large number of people living in Harpenden, Wheathampstead, Redbourn, Hemel Hempstead, Watford and Hertford - which is hardly surprising as we do have a lot of shops, restaurants, businesses and a whole host of other things to offer.

So, if you would like to sign up to the website, please do give us a call or drop us an email and we will be more than happy to give you a 5 minute demo of the website, it’s hardly rocket science and very easy to navigate.

Package 1

To join the What’s on St Albans Loyalty scheme is £175 per annum, the package consists of:

  1. Front page listing on the website

  2. Listing on the loyalty card special offers page

  3. Your listing moved to the top

  4. Microsite page with contact details, opening hours, up to 5 photos, map and website link, up to 400 word write-up

  5. Downloadable file

  6. Free banner advertising or feature for 1 month

  7. Window poster and/or sticker

  8. Social network marketing via facebook, twitter, linkedin and our youtube channel (if you have a video)

  9. The Special Offers page can be found here: Special Offers Page

  10. An example of a microsite which also incorporates the downloadable menu/pdf can be found here: Omsins Thai Takeaway

Package 2

The price is £75 per annum, the package consists of:

  1. Microsite page with contact details, opening hours, up to 5 photos, map and website link, up to 400 word write-up

  2. Downloadable file

  3. Your listing moved to the top

Package 3


  1. Business name, address & phone number

On packages 1 & 2 we offer analytics/stats on the viewing of your microsite, from this you will be able to see how many people are viewing your microsite. There is NO extra cost for this service.

Other ways to advertise:

  1. Have your business featured on the front page at £50 per month. This will encompass a 70 word write-up and link to your your own website (or whatsonstalbans microsite if you have one)

  2. Have a banner at the top of a page of your choice (if available) at £40 per month or reduced price for 12 months £380. The banner can link directly to your website or to your own microsite on the whatsonstalbans website
    If you cannot supply a banner then we can design you one for free

  3. Great rates through the local radio station Radio Verulam

  4. Our magazine that is delivered to 30,000 homes in St Albans

  5. If you require a website we offer wordpress sites with a low starting price of £250 which includes your first years hosting free of charge

  6. We also offer incredible prices for printing through our local print partner and leaflet distribution in St Albans, Harpenden, Redbourn & Wheathamstead

  7. If you would like any further details please contact us on 01727 227072 or fill out the form below.

Package 1 please fill out all the details

Package 2 all the details but leave loyalty card offer empty

Package 3 is name, address & telephone number

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Package 3 is name, address & telephone number